How to Connect Phone to Car Without Bluetooth?

Can’t connect Phone to car without Bluetooth? Don’t despair! Driving and good music is a perfect collab if you require a little kick in your day and most of the time it’s easy. All you have to do is connect your device to your car’s Bluetooth and you are all ready to have a  good time.

While you are using Bluetooth all you have to do is switch on the Bluetooth in your car and on your device, connect them both, and then you can play any music of your choice from any music app you want.

Unfortunately, if you own an old model, you know you don’t have the convenience of connecting your phone to your car. Since many users are unable to use Bluetooth, they have resorted to looking for other ways they can connect a phone to a car without Bluetooth.  

Lucky for you, I have come up with four such methods. They are simple to follow, and once connected, you no longer have to depend on Bluetooth to enjoy music in your car. 

How to Connect Phone to Car Without Bluetooth using 4 methods

Below, I have explained the different methods and the step-by-step procedure you have to follow to your phone to car without Bluetooth. 

1. Use a USB connection 

Use a USB connection

One of the easiest ways you can connect a phone to a car without Bluetooth is through a USB connection. We already use a USB cable in the car to charge our other devices and to connect data, now you can also use it to connect a phone to a car without Bluetooth. Follow the steps below to make sure your device is connected perfectly to your car.

Step 1: On your music system, dashboard, or in the center console, you will locate your device’s audio system USB.

Step 2: Take the USB cord and connect one of its ports to your car and the other one to your mobile device.

Step 3: Check your mobile device. If the USB is successfully connected to your mobile device and is connected to the car as well, your device will show you.

Step 4: Now all you have to do is play the music, the controls on your car console can help you control the music.

2. FM Radio Transmitter

FM Radio Transmitter

FM radio transmitter is an easily available and cheap device that can be used to connect your mobile device to your car albeit your car has an already installed radio system.

The FM radio transmitter can be found at an electronic store, it can connect both Android and iPhone mobile devices to your car. Once you get your hands on one all you have to do is follow these steps to set up the device.

  1. First, switch on the radio system installed in your car.
  2. Once you have successfully turned it on, connect your FM radio transmitter to your phone’s headphone slot.
  3. Once properly installed, you will be able to play any music on your mobile device and you will be able to play it through the speakers of your car. 

3. Cassette Adapter

Cassette Adapter

Now, this method is a little more tricky than the others however it can work if you have the means and the resources.

Many old vehicles come with an inbuilt cassette slot, therefore, if you are a few of the lucky ones and still driving a clunker, then these are the steps you should follow to connect a phone to a car without Bluetooth.    

Step 1: Take a 3.5mm jack, one side of the jack should be inserted into your mobile device, and connect the other one to the cassette slot on your car. 

Step 2: Now go to the audio system of your car and go to the “tape” mode on the audio. 

Step 3: Once you are done, play the song that goes perfectly with your mood and that you want to listen to while driving.

4. Use an Audio cable

Use an Audio cable

The last method you can follow to connect a phone to a car without Bluetooth is to connect your car’s stereo to your mobile device. To do that all you need is an ⅛ to ⅛ auxiliary cable, connecting one end of the cable to your mobile device and the other end to your car. That’s it, now you can play any song of your choice through your car’s music system.

Why Isn’t My Phone Connecting to Car Bluetooth?

Why Isn't My Phone Connecting to Car Bluetooth?

Though not being able to connect your phone to a car Bluetooth can be quite frustrating, many reasons can cause the issue.

The problems can range from incompatible devices to interference from other devices. Before adopting the alternate methods explained above, make sure you have covered the following workarounds. We have devised a list of common reasons why your devices aren’t connecting.

1. Compatibility Issue

This is one of the major issues that stop devices from connecting. For example, one person in the car can easily connect their phone with Bluetooth, however, the other person cannot.

To troubleshoot the compatible issue try to restart the devices again. You can also check for recent updates to make sure your devices are running are optimum efficiency.

2. Unpaired Devices

If your car’s Bluetooth isn’t connecting with your phone, it can be because the devices are not paired with each other. Go to your Bluetooth settings and make sure both devices are in pairing mode before trying to connect them again.

3. Low Power 

Many devices when not sufficiently charged enter into low-power mode, thus disabling the Bluetooth from connecting and functioning smoothly. If that may be the case, make sure your device is fully charged before you try to connect it to your car’s Bluetooth.


That brings us to the end of the article, Whether you are driving an old car, or falling into an issue with your car’s Bluetooth, your music will never stop. Follow the methods to connect a phone to a car without Bluetooth and play your favorite sounds.

If you still have any queries or thoughts on the article, you can share them with us in the comment section below.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I connect my phone to my old car?

If you own an old car there is a high chance that it doesn’t have Bluetooth installed in it. In this case, you can use an auxiliary cable to connect your phone device to the car.

2. How to play music in the car without an AUX port?

If your car doesn’t have an AUX port, you can use an Audio cable, a cassette adapter, or an FM radio transmitter to play music in your car.
We have explained all these methods in the articles above. 

3. Why is my Bluetooth not connecting to my car?

The reasons why your Bluetooth isn’t connecting to your car can range from incompatible devices to low-powered devices.
Unpaired devices are also a common reason why your devices aren’t connecting.

4. Why is my USB not playing music in my car?

Make sure you have plugged the USB properly. If your car isn’t recognizing the USB connected, it won’t be able to play the music. 

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