How to Connect Naviance to Common App?

If you are planning to apply to a college for your undergrad or above, then you might have encountered the terms Naviance and Common App. Every year, numerous students plan to apply to IVY League universities around the world through Common App. Hence, the most common question asked by them remains How to Connect Naviance to Common App?

Hence, I decided to create this guide on How to Connect Naviance to Common App. This guide will encapsulate step-by-step guidance for creating a Common App account along with matching Common App to Naviance. In addition to that, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Read this guide till the end to find out more. 

How to Connect Naviance to Common App?

Before connecting Naviance to Common App, a Common App account has to be created. Hence this guide will be divided into two parts – Part 1: Creating a Common App account and Part 2: Matching Naviance to Common App.

Part 1: Creating a Common App Account 

Step 1: Log on to Common App’s website

Head over to the Common App’s official website and click Create your Account in the top right corner.

Step 2: Specify your role on Common App’s website

Before creating your account, select your role as a First Year Student and enter your preferred email address along with a password to register.

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Step 3: Complete your Profile on Common App

Under the Common App tab, click on the Profile section from the left sidebar. Then enter your details such as name, etc., and click Submit to save it. 

Step 4: Complete your Education on Common App

After creating the Profile, find the Education section on the left sidebar and fill your education details. You can search for your High school or Secondary school using the search option and click Submit.

Step 5: Complete College Search on Common App

After saving the Education section, open the College Search tab from the top panel and enter the details of the college you wish to go to. You can use the search tab option to enter the name of your college and click on the correct name to save it. 

Step 6: Open the My Colleges tab on Common App

After saving the College Search section, open the My College tab from the top panel and select the college to proceed with the application from the left sidebar. 

Step 7: Open Performance and FERPA Form

After selecting the name of your college in the My College tab, expand the left sidebar and open the Performance and FERPA option. Then click on the Complete Release Authorization button. A popup will appear. Check the respective boxes and allow FERPA Authorization to match your Common App account to Naviance. 

Part 2: Matching Naviance to Common App

After creating your Common App account, follow these steps to Connect Naviance to Common App:

Step 1: Log on to Naviance portal

Log onto your Naviance Student portal, and log in to your account.

Step 2: Select the College I’m applying to tab 

On the dashboard, find the Colleges I’m applying to option on my favorites section and click on it. 

Step 3: Click Match Accounts button on Naviance

On the next page, a pink border will appear asking you to Match your Common App account with Naviance to start applications. Click the Match Accounts button. You will be redirected to the Common App website. Enter your email address and password created by you during the registration and sign in to connect the account with Naviance. 

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Step 4: Finish Matching Naviance to Common App

Notice a green border at the top indicating that your Common App account is now matched with Naviance. You should be able to see Colleges that you wish to apply to if you had saved them in the Common App.

After following Step 4, you should be able to proceed with your college applications on Naviance. 

Does Naviance automatically send transcripts to Common App?

Yes. Schools can receive your transcripts automatically through Common App as it is considered a part of the “Secondary School Report” and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) process. 

Do you have to use the same email for Naviance and Common App?

Yes. Use the same e-mail address to create your account with Naviance and the Common App. 

How do I link my transcript to Common App?

To link your transcript to Common App, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Common App account. 

Step 2: On the dashboard, click on the My Application tab and open the Colleges Attended option. 

Step 3: Right beside each college selected by you, you will see options to download the transcript along with a link to order them.

How do I know if my Teacher submitted a recommendation on Common App?

To check this, you can sign in to your Common App account and click on the Status tab. Then select the Recommenders and FERPA option to check the status of your application and the uploaded Letter of recommendation (LOR) submitted by your Teacher. 

Do you apply to colleges through Common App or Naviance?

Both Naviance and Common App are integrated. Every application supporting document is uploaded to Common App and accessed by Naviance to complete your application. 

Do counselors see your Common App?

No, once you have applied, the counselors cannot see your Common App info.

Which Colleges do not accept Common App?

The following colleges do not accept Common App rather, they have their application platforms.

College/University2022-2023 US News Ranking
Massachusetts Institute of Technology#2
University of California, Berkeley#20
University of California, Los Angeles#20
Georgetown University#22
University of California, Santa Barbara#32
University of California, Irvine#34
University of California, San Diego#34
University of California, Davis#38
University of Texas at Austin#38

Why is MIT not on Common App?

For undergraduate admissions, MIT has its application process, the “MIT Application,” and does not use the Common Application (Common App). To acquire a thorough knowledge of each applicant, MIT likes to use its application procedure.


This brings us to the end of this guide on Naviance to Common App. I hope that you were able to match your accounts, and if not, then post your concern in the comments section and I will be there to fix it for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect Naviance to Common App?

To connect Naviance to Common App, then follow these steps:
Step 1: Create a Common App account. 
Step 2: Find and add your current school name.  
Step 3: Add your college name to your Common Application list. 
Step 4: Complete the FERPA Release Authorization form. 
Step 5: Open Naviance and click on the Colleges to apply.
Step 6: Click on Match Accounts to connect Naviance to Common App.

Can you Unmatch your Common App to Naviance?

No. After connecting Naviance to the Common App, you cannot change the FERPA status or unmatch it. 

Does Yale use Common App?

Yes, Yale applications can be completed on the Common App. 

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